About MWC


Bangalore, India
Pastor: Daniel P Devasahayam

The Beginning…
It all began in 1995, when Daniel P Devasahayam was called by God through an anointed servant of God, to be an evangelist and pastor. God’s orientation and training began. After four and half years of Bible college and then being ordained as a Pastor, Daniel P Devashayam, started as an associate Pastor. Not much later when his Pastor took to full time as a Bible teacher
at the Maranatha Bible Training Institute, he was entrusted with responsibility of the church. The congregation worshiped at Banaswadi at his rented home for about two and a half years. Often the congregation was only his own family—his dedicated wife, Glory and their three sons.
Finally in September 2003, God led him to Marathahalli, primarily a non-Christian community populated area. As Pastor, Daniel fasted and prayed in the presence of the Lord to know His plans for bringing him to Marathahalli, the Lord spoke to him through His word from Isaiah 60:21 “Then all your people will be righteous; They will possess the land forever, the branch of my planting. the work of my hands, that I may be glorified”. The words ‘…that I may be glorified’ kept ringing in his ears again and again. Then the Lord clearly spoke to him saying, ‘Danny I want my name to be glorified in this place’. He asked, ‘Lord, you alone are worthy of all the glory and we all glorify you. Why then, are you telling me that you should
be glorified?’ The Lord revealed, ‘you glorify me but how about your neighbors and the residents of this place? No one gives me glory, for they do not know me as their God, One who made them and love them that I sent my Son to die for them and their salvation. They give glory to graven images… I will not give my glory to another, nor my praise to graven images’ (Isaiah 42:8). Pastor Daniel cried in the presence of the Lord that day, even today it
is so real to him and he cannot forget that day.
Three months later God miraculously provided Pastor Daniel land and this enabled him to build the Hall where the Church now worships. Thus started the ministry, at Marathahalli, to see the name of our Lord Jesus Christ glorified. On November 21, 2004, Maranatha Worship Centre, a hall with a capacity to seat about 70 people was dedicated to the Glory of God.
Maranatha Worship Centre is appointed, initiated and sustained by the great and awesome Lord God Himself.

The Present…
Today, Maranatha Worship Centre is an independent Church, not affiliated to any organisation. It is a full gospel church, standing and moving on the promises of God. From only Pastor Daniel’s family it has grown to 40 believers, many from non-Christian background. From just household furniture to semi advanced sound system, an LCD system and with a young dynamic spirit filled worship team to lead the praise and worship.

The Future…
Maranatha Worship Centre is not a church of the past or just of the present. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, is coming soon. Hence, MWC being purpose driven is a church focused towards the future.
MWC is marching ahead with its head held high, for the battle ahead is to see not only Bangalore or Karnataka but the entire nation to be the Lord’s inheritance and possession (Ps.2:8).
The above will become a reality as promised through Isaiah 60:22:
“A little one shall become a thousand and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD will hasten it in His time.”
MWC thrives on passion to extend the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth. Services are exciting with contemporary worship (in Spirit and in truth), the Word of God, encouraging of God -given talents and leadership abilities in both young and old alike.
Hence, a lot of emphasis is given to nurturing the youth and children first and then mentoring the elders to have love, faith, service and perseverance (Rev.2:19) in Christ Jesus.
The thrust of MWC is:
Worship in Spirit and truth – John 4:23
Word of God – 2Tim.3:16-17
Winning of souls for Jesus – Prov.11:30
Working together in prayer –1Cor.3:9
Maranatha Worship Centre – God’s very own Church!


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